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LATEST NEWS: June, 2016.
Our ARPAS HK secretary, Dean Head, recently paid a visit to Beijing to meet with the people in the Central government who are managing UAS/UAV law, safety & standards and also to AOPA China with some very pleasant surprises. 
His report;

Guys, today I had a great meeting with AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc China).
It turns out they have a drone department and I met with the manager of it.
They have 86 drone schools throughout China teaching China's own version of BNUC and other equivalents.
They attend all drone meetings world wide, they are already in contact with Peter van Blyenburgh and they would love anymore input that can help them develop their network. They have materials in English but are not allowed to send them out however they do welcome anyone visiting Beijing to read the materials in their office.

There are 4,000 private pilots in China of full sized aircraft. 1,000 own their own full sized aircraft, more than half are helicopters. I didn't know that China already allows foreign private pilots to fly in Inner Mongolia, Gweilin and Guizhou..
That is amazing! I can't wait to do that!
We can apply for a temporary license that lasts one year that allows us to fly full sized aircraft in China and if anyone
prefers a full license there is an exam to sit including flying with an instructor. The AOPA China are incredibly proactive
and excited whenever ideas are mentioned. Suddenly we are talking about an air race in and around Gweilin plus they
became more excited when I mentioned my company can live stream the whole event. Also, I signed up and am now a member of AOPA China. It only cost RMB360!
They have an APP, in Chinese, that shows where any 'registered' drone is flying in China.

Dean Head ACS